3 Ways To Keep Your Online Data Safe

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3 WaysTo Keep Your Online Data Safe.If you are concerned that your online data might be at risk, and you're worried about the cost of a data breach, it might be time to shift your mindset on Cyber Security.1. Size Doesn't MatterMany SMB's think they're too small to be a target. The truth is that cyber criminals balance risk and reward. Simple security measures would make an SMB aless-desirable target.2. Passwords, PasswordsWe wrote it twice, its that important. Remember to use long, complex passwords that you change often.3. Consult with an ExpertCyber security might sound complicated and expensive, but finding a technology partner with the right solutions for your business, and the expertise to balance security and functionality might be cheaper than you thinkSource: https://www.isidoregroup.com/3-ways-to-keep-your-online-data-safe/The Isidore Groupimagine IT… build IT… secure IT…SIMPLIFY ITwww.isidoregroup.com630.884.8840

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