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Complete Technology Solutions for Small & Medium Business

We are committed to provide secure, cost effective, and data intelligence driven solutions, for small and medium sized businesses looking forward to differentiate and grow, so they can become better at what they do best.

Our success is built on trust, experience, and the use of cutting edge technologies to get real, measurable results for our clients.

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The Isidore Group

It all started back in 2014, out of a strong personal desire to make things differently.

We decided to take some of the best talent, and set out to build the kind of company where we wanted to work. This resulted in the creation of a highly skilled team of experienced and passionate professionals, who are curious and driven to go the extra mile for their clients. 

We realized that if we harness our competencies around acutely understanding our customers' challenges, this could enable us to build valuable differentiated solutions for each one of them. 

That’s how, finally, The Isidore Group was born, delivering tech based solutions that help our clients excel, and make better, smarter decisions that help their business grow and differentiate, ultimately adding more value to their relevant areas of business. 

We pride ourselves on doing the right thing. We strive to give our clients with the highest level of service while providing the best possible experience. For this reason, we position The Isidore Group, not as a vendor, but instead as a technology partner--just as invested in your company's success as you are!

Our Mission

To empower our coworkers to grow in their fields and leverage our combined experience to build technology solutions that make our clients better at what they do best.

 Our success is built on trust, experience, and the use of cutting edge technologies to get real, measurable results for our clients. 

Our Vision

Becoming a leading company in the field of IT services, as well as a referent within our industry, known for being fixated on our clients and providing optimum, technology based solutions which enable our clients to solve problems and thrive beyond their imagination.

The Isidore Group Difference

 In an ever more competitive market, making good use of cutting edge technologies can open an immense world of opportunities for your business. At The Isidore Group we lead with expertise to walk your company through this whole process, offering solutions such as IT Managed Services, Managed Security Services, Unified Communications and Cloud Computing, so you can differentiate and make smarter decisions based on valuable data and AI services. 

Every day, we help our customers make intelligent, tech driven decisions that save time, money and increase profits and productivity, ultimately mitigating risk. This is a craft that fuels our creativity, sharpens our competency and empowers our valued base of clients. 

We also understand that while information and technology are an important part of our service, what we ultimately manage is the trust of our clients. That’s why we are focused on the outcome and measurable benefit for them and their business. For us, this is the stepping stone that forges the path to our long term, profitable partnerships and relationships. 

Contact us, and we’ll talk about how we can help your business make a big leap forward. 


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