Benefits of Managed IT Services

The Top 6 Managed IT Service Benefits for Businesses

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Outsourcing your IT to a managed service provider (MSP) is a growing trend among business owners. Over 68% of large American companies outsource their IT and 37% of small businesses do the same. Clearly, managed IT service benefits companies of all sizes.

The importance of managed IT services becomes evident as businesses struggle to keep up with technology’s swift evolution. Constant changes make it challenging to maintain an up-to-date infrastructure and retain knowledgeable internal staff. This is especially true for smaller businesses that can’t afford constant upgrades.

To remediate this growing issue, an increasing number of companies are working with an MSP. MSPs help solve this problem while offering additional benefits. This article will highlight 6 of the top benefits of managed IT services to help you decide if it’s worth the investment.

1. Increased Productivity

A managed IT partner can take on tedious day-to-day tasks and troubleshoot your IT issues. This way, your internal team gets more free time to focus on core business activities or new projects. 

This can have a domino effect on employee well-being and retention. According to the Harvard Business Review, 90% of workers said that more fulfilling work would increase their happiness more than a higher salary. 

Outsourcing mundane tasks to MSPs creates more opportunities for employees to do what they enjoy - thus increasing their overall job satisfaction.

2. Increased Security

The cyber threat landscape is evolving at a break-neck speed. Cybersecurity professionals are consistently upskilling and building new tools to stay ahead of cybercrime. Worse yet, as cyber-attacks increase in sophistication, the cost of a breach also increases.

Managed IT Service Benefits

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Managed services provide consistent network monitoring and management to help you reduce risks. Proactive network management lets your MSP spot threats before they cost you millions.

Additionally, you’ll save hours on constantly upskilling your employees to face the evolving threat landscape.

3. Access to Experts

Perhaps, one of the biggest managed services advantages is that each provider has an expert team with a plethora of qualifications, training, certifications, skill sets, and experience. This eliminates the need for you to locate and recruit top talent yourself.

Your new experts will be held to high accountability standards through their Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Failure to meet the expectations outlined in the SLAs would be considered a breach of contract. So, you can rest assured that your experts will always be at their best.

Additionally, your MSP partner will help your business swiftly and efficiently adopt the latest technology solutions. It’s their job to keep up with emerging IT trends and your evolving business needs. Therefore, they’ll be uniquely equipped to help you vet the best new solutions for your company’s specific goals.

4. Time & Cost Savings

Increased productivity, security, and expert hands all ultimately help you reduce operational costs and cut time-consuming processes down to size. 

The average monthly cost of an MSP for your company can be less than the salary of a single in-house IT expert. Plus, there’s no need to spend extra time hiring and training new staff members. 

Procurement experts from your MSP can also help you save capital expenditure on new IT solutions. They can vet solutions that meet both your needs and your budget so you can get more bang for your buck without pulling anyone from your in-house team away from their tasks. 

5. Faster IT Support

Slow IT support response times hurt your business’s reputation. They also decrease employee productivity because your staff may need to solve an IT issue before they can continue their work.

If your business gets a high volume of tickets, your internal support team can quickly get overwhelmed creating a backlog of unresolved tickets.

Managed IT support allows you to offload some of that work to prevent backlog build-up. Additionally, new perspectives from your MSP can help solve niche issues that challenge your in-house support team. If you work with an MSP that provides 24/7 support, you can even solve off-hours issues and support users in varying time zones.

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6. Enhanced Business Continuity

You should do what you can to avoid disasters, but you can’t be caught off guard if they happen. Without advanced planning, an unexpected event can cause extraneous data loss and more downtime than necessary.

Even with the best cybersecurity in the world, accidents, equipment meltdowns, and natural disasters can all compromise your system. Cyber-attacks aren’t the only threat to your data.

An MSP can help you plan for the worst with a robust disaster recovery plan. They will work with you to figure out what works best for your specific goals and perform regular data backups to preserve your information’s integrity.

Managed IT Services Advantages

Experience all Managed IT Services’ Advantages with a Trusted MSP Partner

Finding the right MSP for your business can be a challenge. You must consider your budget, needs, goals, infrastructure, and culture fit. Finding someone who checks all those boxes isn’t easy. 

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