IT Help Desk Best Practices

8 Must-Know IT Help Desk Best Practices

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Modern businesses need to prevent technical difficulties that can slow down operations. Yet, most find it challenging to troubleshoot IT problems while conducting their daily tasks. Following IT help desk best practices can help mitigate this issue. Effective IT support is an essential part of customer service and it keeps employees productive. Since the pandemic began, the average ticket volume …

What is a vCIO

What is a vCIO and Why Does Your Business Need One?

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In today’s world, it seems like all business operations are digital. However, relying on an increasingly digital infrastructure means there is a higher risk of technical difficulties. And learning what a vCIO is can help you manage your business affairs. At many small-sized businesses, business owners attempt to troubleshoot IT issues while performing their regular duties. The reason why this …

Benefits of IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing Pros and Cons

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Understanding IT outsourcing advantages and disadvantages enables businesses to save resources , time, and money that otherwise may be more costly in-house. Compared to managed IT services , IT outsourcing is often used to meet specific IT functionalities, such as an overnight IT helpdesk, software development , or cybersecurity awareness training. It’s also important to note that IT outsourcing isn’t …

Network Security Vulnerabilities

The 10 Most Damaging Network Vulnerabilities and How to Prevent Them

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The startling fact that many business owners and operators don’t want to stare in the face is that cyber crime is shockingly prevalent in our world, and SMBs are the one category of targets that are most frequently hit, generally because their particular network vulnerabilities are fairly easy to exploit when compared to bigger enterprises. And if you think it’s …

Types of Network Security

The 8 Major Types of Network Security

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Cybercrime is the fastest-growing form of criminal activity. As of 2022, the cybercrime industry is worth more than all of the world’s illegal drug trafficking trades combined. Now more than ever, companies must do everything possible to protect their sensitive data. Luckily, network security is advancing just as quickly as cybercrime, so businesses have a lot of options. In this …

Cloud Migration Challenges

The 10 Most Costly Cloud Migration Challenges and How to Avoid Them

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A cloud migration can be a daunting task for any business, large or small. There are many factors to consider and challenges to overcome in order to ensure a smooth and successful transition.  And with so much time and money on the line, ensuring your cloud migration goes right the first time is of the utmost importance. Especially when you …

how to choose managed security services

Understanding How to Choose a Managed Services Provider

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Modern businesses have a range of IT needs, and hiring a specialist in each aspect can get really expensive. How to choose a managed services provider becomes vital.  Choose a third-party team of IT professionals to manage systems and infrastructures on your behalf. Let this guide help you in choosing your provider. How to Choose a Managed Services Provider: 4 …

Ultimate Cyber Insurance Coverage Checklist

A Simple 8-Step Cyber Insurance Coverage Checklist

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Targeted data breaches on businesses cost them an average of $188,000 in 2022, and this is just the first reason why you should be looking for a cyber insurance coverage checklist. This accounts for recovering the stolen data, patching the vulnerabilities, losing revenue due to downtime, loss of customer trust, damage to reputation, etc. It’s a staggering figure, but is …

The Average Cost of IT Support for Small Business

What is the Average Cost of IT Support Services for Small Business?

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Most small and medium-sized business owners understand how to reap the benefits of outsourced IT services from a managed service provider (MSP). However, one significant challenge that prevents some companies from outsourcing their IT is the belief that the cost of IT support for a small business can be relatively high and prohibitive. If costs are a concern, the only …

Managed Services vs. Professional Services

Managed Services vs. Professional Services: Understanding the Differences

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As a business owner, you should never try to take on more than you can handle when it comes to IT because it could negatively impact your business goals in the long run. The solution is to partner with specialized experts to ensure that all aspects of your company run smoothly. Companies without in-house IT may find the task of …