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The 6 Most Common IT Problems and How to Solve Them

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Business operations are rapidly moving online, so business owners need to digitize more of their infrastructure than ever before. However, digital transformation usually comes with a few IT problems. If your organization is facing technology issues, you are certainly not alone.

Problems with IT can cause a lasting negative impact if left unresolved. Customers are less likely to do business with a company experiencing multiple technology problems, which can cause a significant decrease in employee productivity.

This article will examine six common IT problems in business. We’ll discuss what they are, why they put your business at risk, and what you can do to prevent and mitigate them.

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6 Common Technology Issues in Business and How to Solve Them

1. Data Security

Cybersecurity can be complex, but it’s also incredibly important. In 2019, 61% of American small businesses fell victim to cyber attacks , a number that increased by 50% the following year.

Despite these statistics, 47% of small business owners have no cybersecurity budget. When a business owner doesn’t make cybersecurity a priority, they are putting their company at risk of revenue loss, data theft, and reputational damage.

Establishing a concrete cybersecurity plan will decrease your security risks . One of the most common reasons why some organizations neglect cybersecurity is a lack of understanding.

Educate yourself and your team on the importance of cybersecurity and use what you learn to build a strong information security policy. From there, you can make informed decisions about which cybersecurity tools and services fit your business goals.

2. Remote Work Support

Many organizations adopted a work-from-home model during the pandemic, and many stayed that way. According to Gallup, two-thirds of workers that moved to remote work during the pandemic want to continue working from home.

Without effective remote work support, your business will lose top talent. Many businesses face a worker retention crisis. Lack of support for remote workers is a major contributing factor.

Employees need to be able to work from home effectively and securely. A company VPN and bandwidth policies are a good place to start. Cloud platforms that foster collaboration between distant employees are also effective solutions .

Common IT Problems

3. Cloud Management

Cloud storage is a growing practice. Cloud solutions are affordable and convenient. They provide consistent access to data in multiple locations. They are also generally more secure than an on-premise server.

Yet, cloud migration and management are some of the most common technology issues in business . Compatibility, data loss, security, and lack of qualifications are some of the biggest challenges.

A data backup schedule is vital. Backups preserve important information in the event of a breach or in the case of someone accidentally deleting a file. A good disaster recovery plan will also help you protect your cloud data.

4. Unstable Internet Connections

A flaky internet connection is frustrating on a personal device and potentially critical on a business device. Connectivity issues cause slow performance and lost productivity. Remote work also increases the chance of connectivity issues.

There is no one singular cause for internet connection problems. The issue could be hardware, software, or network-based. Sometimes, the problem is the router. Other times, it is low bandwidth. Therefore, finding a solution can be challenging.

Bandwidth policies for remote workers can help. Try establishing a rule that only employees with a stable home internet can work remotely. An in-office ethernet cable can provide internet access when the Wi-Fi goes down.

5. Keeping Within Compliance

A popular misconception is that not all industries need to worry about compliance. While some industries are more regulated than others, all organizations must follow common technology regulations.

Compliance measures exist for a good reason. They protect sensitive customer information , employee identities, and your business assets. Sometimes, neglecting compliance regulations is against the law.

Understand your industry's regulations. You may want to speak to a regulatory agency to gain a clear understanding of your compliance requirements. You should also consider cyber liability insurance to protect your business from civil liabilities.

One-time training is not a long-term solution. Regulations change and employees need to remember how to keep your business within compliance. Offer refresher training at least annually.

6. Outdated Hardware and Software

A surprising number of IT problems can be prevented by keeping your infrastructure up-to-date. Old software is vulnerable to cyberattacks and old hardware is more likely to cause a connectivity issue.

It is tempting to use the same tools you’ve been using for years to reduce costs. However, this practice can have a reverse effect. The common IT problems that outdated technology can cause may cost more than replacements.

Regular software updates and preventative maintenance will increase your tools’ longevity. Keep up with emerging technology trends to help you predict when your tools may need to be replaced.

However, you should be selective about which emerging technologies you adopt. Research a wide range of solutions and choose the ones that your business will use frequently.

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The best way to address IT problems in business is to work with a trustworthy managed services provider (MSP). MSPs employ technicians who have prior experience dealing with common technology problems , so they can give you informed advice on how to deal with them.

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