A happy and positive workplace environment

Creating a Positive Workplace

Sebastian Abbinanti Perspectives

To achieve the goal of creating a more positive workplace, managers should start with the individual. While this may seem counter-intuitive, it is important to realize that the manager cannot make a positive workplace on his or her own. A positive workplace is achieved make encouraging your coworkers to create a positive workplace.

Individuals must have a positive outlook toward the workplace. Managers can do this by implementing policies that create clarity and transparency in the workplace.

  • Provide Direction

    If you ask a coworker to complete a task, make certain to give enough direction so that he or she could perform the task or complete project successfully. Some managers fail to follow this simple guideline; because they assume that since they would not need direction, neither would their coworker. Additionally, it is important to encourage open and honest communication. Make sure your colleagues know that it is acceptable to ask for a little more direction. Creating a detailed process for repetitive tasks can further ensure success.

  • Give Meaning

    It is important that coworkers understand why the organization is moving in a particular direction, or why tasks are completed a certain way. Provide the big picture, and seek buy-in from your coworkers. Your coworkers would want to know where the company is going and they will be more than happy to help push you along.

  • Show Results

    Now that you have spent weeks working on the project, share the success with your team. After all, they help you achieve the goal; let them know that their combined efforts paid off. Not sharing the success is a sure-fire way to ensure you will not get the same motivation next time. Put something in place that allows employees to see the fruits of their labors. You could go as far as to establish standard procedures for project follow-up, but even something as trivial as a passing comment of commendation can have a great impact.