Recycle Old Tech

Five Ways to Get Rid of Old Tech

Brett Holmes Perspectives

Technology is always changing. Our gadgets get faster and smaller every year. The hit the markets with more megapixels, gigabits, and processing cores than last years, or even last month’s version.

As we satisfy our need for the latest and greatest, what should we do with our old tech?

Don’t throw it in the trash–even if it’s broken.

First, while they are safe to use, in a landfill, many of the toxic components begin to leach out. These toxic components can be harmful to our environment, and if they manage to get into the soil, it could be detrimental to our health–think Erin Brockovich.

Second, you could have personal information on that old tech. While you can take steps to wipe most of your devices, a non-functional device might not be wipeable. Remember, just because you can’t wipe the device, doesn’t mean some hacker can’t recover your personal data.

So what should you do?

Recycle It of course!

Here are some options.
Gone –
Best Buy –
Amazon Trade-In –
Nextworth –
Local Municipal Electronics Recycling – Call you local city or village.