Grammarly helps you in write better

Grammarly: Assisting Writers in Writing Correctly

Sebastian Abbinanti Perspectives

Whether a quick email to a client or a 30-page report for your boss, your writing skills matters, and it matters a lot. Unfortunately, it has been a long time size Ms. DiMatteo’s 5th Grade Language Arts class, and without proper practice, proper writing may elude you. While some of us might be more practiced, common grammatical and spelling mistakes are, well, common.
Thankfully, there is a tool that helps us get around these common errors, and it is called Grammarly. This Microsoft Word add-in, website tool, and browser extension will correct your work as you type. Imagine taking spell check to the next level, examining, not just the spelling, but the grammar.
Grammarly identifies common mistakes in writing–misspellings and forgotten apostrophes–then, it goes above and beyond to correct verb tense, word choice, enhance clarity in writing, and to optimize adjectives.
For example, if Grammarly finds a generic adjective, it will provide you with alternatives that may increase clarity in your writing. Furthermore, Grammarly will evaluate your writing based on standard writing styles–including academic, business, medical, and technical writing styles. It will even help cite your sources.
This content tool not only points out the errors, but it will also describe why it is incorrect. Grammarly provides a full description of the grammar rule and the explanation of its use. With multiple examples of both correct and incorrect usages, you will become a better, more educated writer.
Grammarly is not just a browser extension; it is also a web-based tool and Microsoft Word add-in. With the added browser extension, it can check your spelling and grammar as you type on website forms and other web-based platforms.
As a Microsoft Word Add-on, you will have Grammarly checking your work as you type in Word, taking your writing skills to the next level. As a Word add-in, Grammarly appears as just another tab in the Ribbon.
Lastly, you can visit Grammarly’s website, copy and paste text directly into the site, and which Grammarly work to identify errors and suggest corrections.
Grammarly is free for its basic version; however, if you would like to benefit from all of its features, you will need to pay a monthly fee. To learn more about pricing and specifics, visit