IT Support vs. Help Desk

IT Support vs. Helpdesk: What’s the Difference?

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Did you know that the help desk software market is projected to nearly double in size between 2020 and 2028, and that 60% of high-growth customer service teams use a help desk

You may have some questions about the differences between regular IT support vs. help desk support. Before you choose an IT support package for your company, you should understand what it entails and the services you will receive. 

In this article, we’ll examine the main differences between help desk vs. IT support and how to determine which one represents the best possible fit for your business processes.

What is Help Desk Support?

An IT help desk focuses on solving urgent problems as they arise. Generally, they proactively resolve IT issues and offer simple solutions to common IT problems. 

Examples include helping users reset their passwords or troubleshooting issues with hardware and software.

A help desk support team can elevate technical problems with greater complexity and urgency. For example, if there is a system-wide outage, the help desk team could dispatch experienced, high-level technicians to diagnose the problem and get the company back up and running.

The help desk would not help with all other aspects of IT support, such as building and upgrading a network, system monitoring, and ongoing network maintenance. Their role is to deal with problems as they arise in the most efficient way possible.

Quality IT help desk support comes with the following advantages:

  • Quick, efficient resolution of simple problems: With help desk customer support, you can have technicians quickly solve common issues like password resets in minutes.
  • Fast response to various problems: By having a dedicated IT help desk team at your disposal, recurring problems always get a quick response.
  • Proper IT issue prioritization: Some IT issues are more urgent than others, and a streamlined help desk ticketing system can help make sure the highest-priority tasks are taken care of first.

IT Support vs. Help Desk: Which is Right for Your Business?

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What is IT Support?

IT support includes everything a company needs to keep its network functioning correctly and the company running smoothly. 

Examples include computer network maintenance, system upgrades, hardware and software installation and implementation, and general tech support.

An IT support technician may assist with troubleshooting, configuration management, or desktop support. They may take a more proactive role by analyzing data to determine where and how the network could function better and what it would take to improve performance.

They also may help with planning for the future of your IT systems and ensuring complete scalability and adaptation to new processes.

IT support generally provides the following advantages:

  • Lower costs: An all-encompassing IT support solution prevents expensive problems from happening.
  • More efficiency: Proactive IT support with good customer service provided by a single point of contact means less network downtime, which means your workers can get more work done.
  • Rapid issue resolutions: When problems occur, you can solve them faster with a reliable team of engineers and technicians.

IT Support vs. Help Desk Support: Key Differences

You can extrapolate some of the main differences between general IT support and IT help desk support, but here is a list of some of the key differences between the terms:

A help desk:

  • Handles urgent issues that crop up
  • Takes care of basic tasks like password resets
  • Generally works to ensure that IT problems are resolved as soon as possible
  • Escalates pressing problems such as network outages to experienced technicians

IT support:

  • Provides support for a broader range of IT issues
  • Seeks to avoid problems from happening to begin with
  • Conducts long-term planning to ensure the company has the IT system it needs
  • Takes a proactive approach to ensuring the network is maintained and running efficiently

Helpdesk vs. Service Desk

In addition to understanding the difference between IT support vs. help desk, you should also be able to distinguish between a help desk and a service desk

As noted above, a help desk focuses on more urgent issues and incidents. The goal of a service desk is to manage incidents and service for a wide range of IT issues with the help of service desk software and service desk tools.

A service desk handles service requests and general communications with the client, whether they have to do with IT problems or general questions. Most service desks have a help desk component.

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Now that you understand the differences between an IT help desk vs. IT support, you can determine which fits best with your business needs.

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