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Managed IT Services for Construction Firms

Managed IT Services for Construction Firms

Managed IT Services for Construction firms is often underserved. Few Managed Services Providers can claim a genuine focus on the unique technology needs of Construction Firms, but The Isidore Group can make this claim.

Construction firms have a high-reliance on quoting systems that compile vast amounts of data to provide the most accurate proposals possible. Since the industry relies on complex bidding processes with strict deadlines, these quoting systems must be available 24x7x365 to ensure that estimates get those bid submitted on time!

Once the jobs begin, the trailers roll out and with them, the expectation of a fully connected remote office--often in the middle of nowhere. Mobile access to project management and scheduling software, along with required documents and schematics, are a must-have for all construction firms. Lastly, accurate submission of subcontract invoices, worker hours, and change orders is a requirement to maintain profitability.

In light of these requirements, construction firms often struggle to find the right mix of technology and people to satisfy their firm's needs. To solve that problem for small and medium firms, Forbes writes that outsourcing IT can be a "win-win scenario of saving time and money" (Zurhaev, 2019).

The Isidore Group can provide the Managed IT Services for Construction firms required to leverage the technology necessary for success, where and when you need it, without breaking the bank. Not to mention, all while ensuring high availability and data security.

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