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Managed IT Services for Financial Services Firms

Managed IT Services for Financial Services Firms
Gone are the days of investors solely relying on their financial advisor. As technology continues to evolve, your clients have access to exceedingly more information. Today they demand higher levels of service, increased value, and faster responses. For that reason, financial services firms must compete in this new landscape, or risk sliding behind the competition.

A trusted partner in technology that provides Managed IT Services for Financial Services Firms can help bridge the gap between your clients' demands and what your firm can offer. The Isidore Group can show you how to leverage the right technology that more efficiently meets your clients' needs without breaking the bank.

Today, consumers expect businesses to be increasingly available, utilizing both full-service and self-service means. For some clients, faxes and e-mail are too slow, and they instead prefer contact via text.

While clients are demanding more, cybersecurity is an ever-present risk. PricewaterhouseCoopers reports, "Information security risks have evolved dramatically over the past few decades, and the approach that financial institutions use to manage them has not kept pace."

Offering both Managed IT Services and Managed IT Security Services, The Isidore Group can help your firm leverage the technologies that provide clients with the functionality they need. All while ensuring high availability, confidentiality, and data security in the process.

Since 1911, Financial Services firms have been subject to no shortage of regulatory compliance. Today, regulations are more complex than ever, and, increasingly, cover areas outside the expertise of most brokers, bankers, and financial advisors. The Isidore Group will audit your firm's technology infrastructure and help you adopt controls and procedures that comply with PCI DSS, SOX, and GLBA.

That's how The Isidore Group does Managed IT Services for Financial Services Firms.

Transform Your Business


Keep your network safe from hackers, malware, and other bad actors.

Increase Efficiency

Run your infrastructure like a well-oiled machine, and keep productivity high.

Focus on Your Business

With IT services managed, free yourself to focus on your core business.


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