IT Model needs to be strong

Is your IT model working?

Sebastian Abbinanti Perspectives

It’sa new year, and with it, a new chance to review your business. IT support is a necessary expense for most businesses, but few organizations can wrap their head around what they’re actually buying.

There is a surplus of names to describe to different IT support models. For the most part, however, they can be reduced to two simple pricing models.

  1. Paying for uptime
  2. Paying to recover from downtime

Many organizations are ensconced in the second option. Not because it’s the best choice for their business, but because it seems easy to understand, and they’ve been doing it that way for years.

Organizations that choose the second option have a Time & Material contract with their IT service provider.

The scenario is simple. You arrive at work in the morning to find that your E-mail has gone down overnight. You call your IT service provider who comes on site to assess and fix the issue.

Regardless of the fix, your IT service provider makes more money the longer it takes him or her to solve the issue, while your business loses more money the longer it takes him or her to fix the problem.

This scenario paints all T&M IT service providers as greedy and without concern for their clients’ needs. That’s far from the case, but it is important to understand this contrary relationship.

The first option, paying for uptime, aligns your interests with your IT service provider—usually a managed services provider in this case.

The scenario starts out the same; your E-mail server has failed overnight. Or did it? In this instance, however, your Managed Services Provider has proactively installed Remote Management and Monitoring Software on your server and received an alert, days before, indicating disk space on your E-mail server was approaching a critical level.

Your MSP jumped into action, clearing log files and allocating additional drive space to your email server. Days later, you arrive at work, successfully login to your E-mail, knowing nothing of the averted doom you may have otherwise encountered.

Stay tuned for a future post when we will learn more about saving money by paying for uptime with a managed services provider.