Managed Service provider create a bridge for SMBs towards IT support

Bridging the GAP: Managed Services Providers bring Enterprise IT Support to SMB’s

Sebastian Abbinanti Perspectives

We all know that technology is constantly evolving with its role in our business steadily growing. Ask any IT Process Engineer, and they will tell you that IT processes should complement existing business processes. Business processes should not be changed to accommodate IT processes–with perhaps security being the exception. Today, however, we find business leaders shaping their business processes around available technology.

It is an interesting paradigm shift that forces us to rethink not only IT process design, but IT service delivery, IT security, and IT support.

Business leaders focus on injecting efficiencies geared toward the ultimate goal of doing more with less. As technology evolves, it becomes more compartmentalized and portable. In the past, technology was purpose-built for an industry. Modern technology is built for a particular business function–a function likely shared among organizations in various sectors.

SMB’s Have the Same Needs

How do business leaders take advantage of new technologies that make their business run better while making sure that everything is supportable and secure?

Enterprise companies have dedicated C-level executives (CIO’s, CTO’s, and CISO’s) that manage teams who’s purpose to create and maintain continuity and security within and between all implemented technology systems.

Unforetunently, most SMB’s don’t have dedicated CIO’s, CTO’s, or CISO’s. An SMB’s technology needs certainly don’t rise to the level and complexity of enterprise business. They do not generally require a suite of full-time executives to implement, monitor, and manage technology systems.

However, SMB’s still need to create and maintain continuity and security within and between all implemented technology systems.

Solutions for SMB’s

Thankfully, Managed Services Providers, like The Isidore Group, offer virtual CIO, CTO, and CISO services. The Isidore Group provides SMB’s access to c-level technology executives to help shape and guide technology initiatives.

The Isidore Group provides enterprise-level IT support, IT Process Design, IT Security, the expertise of C-Level technology executives, and a full-service virtual IT department, all for a reasonable monthly fee.

This is how we SIMPLIFY IT!