Novel Corona Virus Update

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Novel Corona Virus Update

Generally, when you receive e-mail notices from me, it's not about this type of virus.  

The Novel Corona Virus, now know technically as COVID-19, has been determined to be a pandemic by The World Health Organization. This determination has begun to affect our daily lives. 

We wanted first to assure you that we have already created contingency plans that will allow us to continue to provide the level of service you have come to expect from us. The plans were modified three weeks ago, and differ only slightly from our routine disaster preparedness. 

No changes to our operations have been made at this time.  

We intend fully to follow the guidance of the CDC and the DuPage County Health Department in determining if, when, and to what degree we should activate these contingency plans.

Secondly, I wanted to make sure our clients know that we are available to assist in helping you plan for disruption to normal business operations. We can implement systems that, when activated, would allow your organizations to maintain a near-normal level of business operations, if possible. While we do not believe that changes are necessary at this time, we feel it is best to prepare.

Our Disaster Preparedness Planning Consulting Services will produce a plan to address the various issues your organization may face, and, from a technology perspective, determine what would be required to continue near-normal operations. 

We have various work-from-anywhere options that can cover everything from managing phones, to ensuring remote connectivity to all the systems your employees require.

Please reach out to us if this is something you're interested in pursuing.

We pray for the health and safety of all our coworkers, clients, and vendors, and for a speedy end to this challenging time.

Thank you,

Sebastian Abbinanti
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