Best practices for data safety in a remote work environment

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Do you have staff working from home? Of late, due to the Coronavirus crisis a lot of businesses shifted to the remote working environment. While it raises some data security concerns, they can be overcome by following a few best practices. Formulate rules You can start by formulating rules that define the extent and manner in which personal devices may …

How safe is your data when your staff works from home?

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The Coronavirus crisis has changed the world as we know it. With social distancing, lockdowns and work from home becoming the new normal, cyber criminals are exploiting the situation to their gains. This whitepaper discusses how the cyber crime landscape is likely to shape up in the post-pandemic world and how businesses can safeguard themselves against it. One of the …

4 things to do to ensure your business continuity planning is a success

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Working on creating a contingency plan for your business? That’s great! Here are 4 things you need to consider when preparing your new business continuity plan. Audit of your business continuity plan Having a business continuity plan alone is not enough. You need to audit it at regular intervals to ensure it is up-to-date and relevant. Often, business continuity plans …

What are the essentials of a business continuity plan?

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An unexpected emergency can wipe out your business! A business continuity plan can help it survive. But, what should a good business continuity plan cover? Read this blog to find out. A list of your key contacts One of the most important elements in your business continuity plan is a list of all your important contacts who should be informed …

3 Reasons to prepare a business continuity plan if you haven’t done so already

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A business continuity plan is the blueprint you need during an emergency to keep your business running smoothly. If you don’t already have one, here are 3 key reasons why you should focus on creating one ASAP. It helps retain clients As a business, if you have problems functioning, it will definitely affect your clients. For example, if your servers …

Business continuity planning: A must-have, not a luxury

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Business continuity planning is not an alien concept anymore. In recent times we have witnessed a lot of events that only serve to further intensify the need for business continuity planning. Examples include natural calamities like hurricanes, floods, wildfires, events like terror attacks or even pandemics like the recent Covid-19 outbreak. While a business continuity plan cannot completely safeguard your …

Free Internet Access? Don’t fall for this one

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One of the popular internet scams that has been doing the rounds since 2017 is the one about “Free Internet”. This scam seems to resurface and somehow manages to claim quite a few unsuspecting victims. Here’s how they catch you. Ads are created on Google, Facebook, popular search engines and social media platforms advertising free internet hours. The ads look …

Cybersecurity & Compliance for Dental Practices

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July 10, 2020 Dental practices have to adhere to HIPAA and PCI compliance standards. Ensuring your technology is adequately set up for compliance is only the first step. This webinar will focus on the steps Dental Practices must take to stay compliant and avoid data breaches and other cybersecurity threats.  Register here!