Recycle Old Tech

Five Ways to Get Rid of Old Tech

Brett HolmesPerspectives

Technology is always changing. Our gadgets get faster and smaller every year. The hit the markets with more megapixels, gigabits, and processing cores than last years, or even last month’s version. As we satisfy our need for the latest and greatest, what should we do with our old tech? Don’t throw it in the trash–even if it’s broken. First, while …

VoIP are you adapting this technology

Will you ditch landlines in 2017?

Sebastian AbbinantiPerspectives

many small and midsize businesses, the shift to VoIP is yet to come. Even though it makes sense budgets and communications resources are limited. And the upsides are substantial:      Employees are always connected, regardless of their location—perfect for today’s work-anywhere office cultures.      They have access to the latest features in mobile communications. An analysis of total …

High level security

Bend, Don’t Break: Build In Resilience

Sebastian AbbinantiPerspectives

Manufacturers must have computer systems that work. When talking about making systems that keep working, we often talk about “hardening” the system, but that can be misleading. Some things are hard but brittle, in that they can resist light pressure but shatter under a hard shock. What you want are systems that are resilient—able to absorb shocks and bounce back …

Stand alone servers

Stand-alone Servers not dead, yet

Sebastian AbbinantiPerspectives

arguments for cloud services can seem compelling, but there are still applications, situations, and datasets that call for the performance, control, and security of a server safely ensconced in your agency’s offices. The good news is that it has never been easier to build powerful, manageable servers that can meet a department or agency’s needs within a tightly limited budget. …

Data center

Defending Your Data Center Against Downtime Risks

Sebastian AbbinantiPerspectives

organizations demand more from their IT departments, new data center needs are emerging. These organizations need to ensure the right balance between capacity and availability. Many businesses now embrace virtualization and cloud technology and are adopting technology practices that require increased storage capacity and reliable 24/7/365 “from anywhere” access. It really wasn’t that long ago that data centers consisted of …

your fee windows 10 upgrade is ready

Stop the “Upgrade to Windows 10” Popup!

Sebastian AbbinantiPerspectives

has stepped up its game trying to encourage users, at times to their detriment, to upgrade to Windows 10. As an IT Consultancy, questions about upgrading to Windows 10 dominated the landscape from about June to September of 2015. Then seemingly died down. Not to be undone, Microsoft has added the new taskbar popup to its arsenal, reinvigorating end-user concerns …

Old computer system

Can’t seem to get rid of Windows XP!

Sebastian AbbinantiPerspectives

that the Microsoft release of Windows 10 is in full swing, Bitdefender, an IT security company, has released some troubling statistics about its clients. Microsoft ended support for Windows XP over a year and a half ago, yet in some parts of the world, Eastern Europe specifically, more than 1/3 of Windows computers are running Windows XP. Ukraine leads the …

businessman hand pushing on a touch screen interface

UX and UI: Do your applications make you better?

Sebastian AbbinantiPerspectives

Gartner proposed that the number one trend in IT for 2015 would be “Computing Everywhere.” They define this to mean that users will continue to amass new devices that will further redefine mobile computing. As smartphones continue on the trend of the preverbal technological Swiss Army Knife, and Apple bring more attention to wrist-based-computing, Gartner seems to be right on …