Stand alone servers

Stand-alone Servers not dead, yet

Sebastian Abbinanti Perspectives

arguments for cloud services can seem compelling, but there are still applications, situations, and datasets that call for the performance, control, and security of a server safely ensconced in your agency’s offices. The good news is that it has never been easier to build powerful, manageable servers that can meet a department or agency’s needs within a tightly limited budget. …

businessman hand pushing on a touch screen interface

UX and UI: Do your applications make you better?

Sebastian Abbinanti Perspectives

Gartner proposed that the number one trend in IT for 2015 would be “Computing Everywhere.” They define this to mean that users will continue to amass new devices that will further redefine mobile computing. As smartphones continue on the trend of the preverbal technological Swiss Army Knife, and Apple bring more attention to wrist-based-computing, Gartner seems to be right on …