Create a strong password for your security

Password Best Practices

Sebastian Abbinanti Perspectives

Coming up with secure passwords is not as hard as you may think. Make certain that your passwords are strong and unique.Don’t use your birth date, a family member’s birth date, phone number, company name, alma mater, social security number, school mascot, favorite sports team, family members name or your pet’s name as these can be easily guessed by a …

Password security

Don’t keep the list of Passwords!!! It just makes no sense

Sebastian Abbinanti Perspectives

any network security professional, and he or she will tell you that the most important password policy after complexity requirements, length requirements, and password expiration, is “never write down a password.” There are still managers that love the convenience of having every users’ password at their immediate disposal, but keeping a list of passwords has an unintended consequence. These managers …