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The Internet of Things (IoT) And Death By 1000 Connected Devices

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The Internet of Things (IoT). The latest techno babel buzzword. What does it mean? Simply put, things, or devices, above a beyond computers, phones, and tablets, which connect to the Internet. The list of devices that fall under that title of IoT would amaze you. It includes things like TV’s, thermostats, light switches, refrigerators, and even ovens. Manufacturers want to …

Old computer system

Can’t seem to get rid of Windows XP!

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that the Microsoft release of Windows 10 is in full swing, Bitdefender, an IT security company, has released some troubling statistics about its clients. Microsoft ended support for Windows XP over a year and a half ago, yet in some parts of the world, Eastern Europe specifically, more than 1/3 of Windows computers are running Windows XP. Ukraine leads the …

Password security

Don’t keep the list of Passwords!!! It just makes no sense

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any network security professional, and he or she will tell you that the most important password policy after complexity requirements, length requirements, and password expiration, is “never write down a password.” There are still managers that love the convenience of having every users’ password at their immediate disposal, but keeping a list of passwords has an unintended consequence. These managers …

Machine language and computer security

Is your company too small to be hacked when it comes to Cyber-Attacks?

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a word, the answer is no. The logic is very simple. If a home user’s computer can be infected with malware, spyware or the like, it stands to reason that a small business faces the same risks, but what is the risk? When discussing IT security threats in SMBs, the conversation always begins with firewalls and antivirus. While imperative, most …