Network Security & Auditing

Bridgeview, Illinois

It seems like every day the news reports on another company fell victim to hackers. The attack may have resulted in a data breach, data loss or worse. But sadly, many businesses have never performed even a rudimentary audit of their network. The Isidore Group can help organizations in Bridgeview, Illinois assess the current security status and recommend changes to keep your business safe.

Trusted Security Hardware & Software from World-Class Providers

We work with the right mix of world-class security vendors to help your business install the right mix of security for your business. From anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware software to firewalls, encryption and network security monitoring, The Isidore Group can help your organization reduce the risk of being the next cyber victim.

Security on Two Fronts

No amount of network security can guarantee 100% prevention. Therefore, implementing solutions that keep business safe are two fold. First, systems and controls that prevent breaches, are installed and properly configured. Next, we put safeguards in place that provide a quick recovery to normal business operations. As a result, our two pronged approach provides both prevention and the ability quickly respond after a security breach is detected. Thus providing organizations with a balanced solution.

Keeping You Compliant

The Isidore Group has specialized in standardized audits including PCI Audits, HIPAA Audits, CMS Audits, CJIS Audits and more. Therefore, as a trusted security expert for Bridgeview, Illinois organizations, our professional certified staff can conduct your next audit and help keep you compliant.

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