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Cybersecurity in Tinley Park, Illinois

What Is Cybersecurity?

Most organizations recognize the need for securing filing cabinets, locking doors, and burglar alarms. These controls help protect an organization's physical assets like HR Files, Inventory and Equipment.

However, modern business assets are not just physical. The most of value for most businesses isn't found in the things they have but the data they keep.

Cybersecurity is focused on securing data--an organization's most valuable asset-- for organizations in Tinley Park, Illinois.

What does Cybersecurity Provide?

Processes & Controls

IT Security is built around implementing security-minded processes and controls. Because because Cybersecurity requires more than just a lock, both technical and human controls and processes are used.


Regular monitoring of systems and networks help identify unusual activities before they turn into data breaches. Therefore, an effective Cybersecurity solution will include both automated and human components to alerting and monitoring.


There is no amount of Cybersecurity that can guarantee 100% prevention. Thus, using solutions that both prevent breaches and quickly respond after a security breach is detected provides business with a well-rounded solution.

Common Cybersecurity Threats

Data Leaks & Data Breaches

Recent events have helped shed light on the importance of keeping confidential data private.
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Ransomware Attacks

Recent events have helped shed light on the importance of keeping confidential data private.
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Phishing & Spear Phishing

76% of organizations state that they been a victim of at least one phishing attack in 2017--Wombat 2018 State of the Phish.
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