businessman hand pushing on a touch screen interface

UX and UI: Do your applications make you better?

Sebastian Abbinanti Perspectives

Gartner proposed that the number one trend in IT for 2015 would be “Computing Everywhere.” They define this to mean that users will continue to amass new devices that will further redefine mobile computing. As smartphones continue on the trend of the preverbal technological Swiss Army Knife, and Apple bring more attention to wrist-based-computing, Gartner seems to be right on track with this prediction.
The concept of computing everywhere will put a renewed focus on User Experience— referred to as the UX—and by proxy, the User Interface—referred to as a UI. The User Interface of an application can have far reaching implication into its use.
If a user interface isn’t in tune with a user’s workflow, it may serve to induce inefficiency rather than the promised efficiencies that lead to its adoption. If the User Experience is poor, users may altogether avoid using the application, resulting in the introduction of human error, lack of consistency, and un-captured data.
As computing finds its way into previously consider unlikely places, from one’s wrist to one’s eyewear, developers will struggle to make the technology usable. If they fail, it simply won’t be used.
While contemplating this trend for 2015, organizations should look at their existing applications and assess their user’s experiences; it might be time for a change.