To ensure cyber security everyone needs to participate

Cybersecurity: It’s Everyone’s Duty

Sebastian Abbinanti Perspectives

Cybersecurity is a big part of my job and something that sits in the front of my mind. Every time I receive an e-mail or follow a broken link, I think of the security implications. Anytime I type my name and e-mail address into a website, I wonder to myself, “what if this site gets hacked?”

Does that make me paranoid? Maybe.

The truth is that cybersecurity is a big part of my job. If you’re a customer service manager and have a great customer service experience, you might pay special attention to it. Likewise If you’re a carpenter and see a unique method was employed, you might pay special attention to it too. And, If you’re a math teacher and witness an novel approach to teaching logarithms, you’ll surely pay some special attention to it.

The great customer service experience might make me feel good. Likewise I could surely appreciate the beauty of a unique building or architectural detail. As for the last point, I want to apologize to my 9th grade math teacher. With regard to logarithms, I do use them in real life.

Each of us is interested in our specialties. However, while examining a carpentry method might have little impact on my life, making certain that an e-mail is genuine has far-reaching effects for me, the customer service manager, the carpenter, the teacher, and, yes, for you too!

Cybersecurity Threats are Evolving

In the early days of the Internet, social engineering was not a concern. Even in the 1990s, when e-mail started finding its way into nearly all organizations, there were enough paper-based approval processes that made social engineering much less effective.

In contrast, today e-mails replace many of those paper-based processes. An e-mail has become the defacto communication medium for many organizations. Namely because it provides a time-stamped record. To that end, it’s far too common to receive direct deposit information, payment requests, and purchase requisitions by simple, informal e-mails.

"Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility, and just likely every other job function, your people need the right tools for the job."Sebastian Abbinanti

I have seen cybercriminals successfully request changes to direct deposit information, request wire transfers, and request the purchase of items, all by pretending to be someone’s boss. Now that the paper processes are gone, most organizations have little protection.

Additionally, the Covid-19 pandemic has added even more complexity to the way we work. Security Magazine reports, “hackers have adapted to the realities of remote work and telecommuting by impersonating trusted tech platforms.”

Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility, and just likely every other job function, your people need the right tools for the job.

As a Managed Security Services Firm, The Isidore Group provides cybersecurity awareness training for your entire organization. A customized, ongoing training program is the best way to protect your organization from cybersecurity threats focused on your people.

Monthly lessons that take less than 10 minutes, meaningful, commonsense cybersecurity policies, and compliance testing can save your organization tens of thousands of dollars in direct and indirect costs.

Give your people the training they need to help defend your organization from cybercriminals for less than you might think.


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